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What do the Critics say?

Author Harriet Vyner says:

" Student life in sixties Liverpool was amusingly described – and like the descriptions of potholing – it almost made me nostalgic for the all night parties of youth. However, nowadays, I prefer a good read – which ‘The Loner’ very much was."

Harriet Vyner author – ‘Groovy Bob’ and ‘Among Ruins’ (both published by Faber and Faber)

Best-selling author Jessica Blair says: “Nevertheless the feeling for the period comes alive through Mark and his friends and I am sure this will be a popular book with readers from that generation.”

Chris Howes (Descent Magazine) says: “The final word? This is a highly enjoyable piece of almost-escapism into a world of caving now gone with the decades; you may even recognise some of your own fears, thrills and escapades. If you were around in those years, the feeling of reliving an era will come flooding back, from student demos to college parties and of wistful references to Woodstock instead of Glastonbury. The read is worth your whiling away a few hours between trips.........................But muse over the theme of The Loner – it carries more than the obvious message”.

Tom Tyson, barrister-at-law says:"............ A sharply observed, thrilling and suitably comic court scene is both authentic and entertaining - from the nerves of the accused to the brash self-confidence of the dapper barrister, culminating in the excitement of the eventual verdict............"

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What's the story all about?

An amusing and exciting tale of student life at Liverpool in the Swinging Sixties.

Mark is a nervous law student. He is ruled by an overwhelming, irrational fear of people – particularly girls – which shows itself in a bad stammer, and a terror of heights.

Fiona is the girl of his dreams, but she is in a steady relationship with a lifelong boyfriend in Scotland. Mark realises he is never going to get anywhere in life or in love unless he undergoes a complete personality change.

He is befriended by Bob, who has a passion for potholing (and free love), and a plan is hatched. If Mark can beat his fear of heights – an escapade down a cave or two should sort that one – maybe he can also overcome his fear of girls and win Fiona....

So begins a whole series of madcap adventures, featuring a yacht race, horse riding, underground adventures in Yorkshire and Mendip caves, dances, parties, and some wild and riotous student incidents, often involving too much alcohol and close shaves with the law.


Where can I buy   "The Loner  "?

The Loner is published by Matador  books

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Who is Paul Andrews?

Paul Andrews is a retired solicitor. He was a student at Liverpool during the 60s, and has always been interested in adventure sports, particularly riding, potholing and sailing. A columnist for his local newspaper, he is also interested in local politics, and is an elected district councillor. For more information, please click here and visit his community site.

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